Our Shul

(Note: This page is a work in progress. Please check back often as we update the site with more historical information. If you have any historic knowledge to share, please reach out to us.)

Our shul has a rich history going back over a century. The shul was originally erected in 1906, as Congregation Bel-El of Borough Park.

In 1914, the original congregation built a new shul closer to its congregants residences, and subsequently sold the shul to Chevra Anshei Lubavitch. It has kept that name ever since.

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The Shul Constitution

When the congregation was formed, a detailed and thorough constitution was drwn up by the founding board and members. Please see below for the original constitution, as well as an accurate English translation.

Shul Constitution

The Lubavicher Rebbe’s

Below are a few notable letter’s sent by the last two Lubavicher Rebbe’s to the congregation.